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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Granola Shake

I spend a lot of time in Yorkville on the Upper East Side of Manhattan killing time between yoga classes.  I wandered into a health food store/juice bar called Elm Health on 88th St. and 1st Avenue to be good and have a green juice, when I discovered my new favorite treat : The Granola Shake.

I love granola, I love shakes; sorry green juice, maybe next time.  This shake is soul satisfying and indulgent. It's simultaneously creamy and crunchy.  I felt quite naughty drinking it, but by some stroke of the miraculous, this shake is actually good for you! Frozen bananas, granola (I opt for a gluten free brand with cranberries), your choice of milk (mine is almond), and frozen ginger.  The ginger is the real  surprise here, the kicker.  It gives the shake a little spiciness and heat that is the perfect complement to sweetness of the granola and bananas.  And I can't help but love the soothing, warming effect the ginger has on my feels a little like in a milk brings the boys to the yard.

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