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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yoga Butt

I always thought ''yoga butt" was supposed to be a good thing: a tight, lifted tushie in a pair of lululemons, but this week I learned about a different "yoga butt," and this one sucks.  Yoga Butt is a term used to describe a common yoga injury where the hamstring is overstretched in the area where the muscle attaches to the sit bone, resulting in a literal pain in the ass.  I've noticed over the past few weeks, a funny feeling in my left hip area as I came into certain poses.  As I have many times before, I ignored the warnings, and now my body is in full blown tantrum mode.

A few years ago,  I suffered a major back spasm that forced me to slow down and strengthen my abdominals to avoid further abuse of my back.  My yoga practice was challenging and a little disjointed for many months, but through the trials, I became much stronger.  I know that I am back there again, and while it's difficult for me to slow down and change my practice, I accept this Yoga Butt as an opportunity for growth.

When I got home from teaching last night, my sweet fiance had run me a bath with Epsom Salt as he often does, and as I soaked my tired bones, I told him that I was in the throes of yet another yoga injury.  He said "another rite of passage."  A wise man, my husband to be; when yoga stings you in the butt, you don't abandon your practice, you make adjustments, and it's these adjustments that give you strength; life is really no different.

Reasons Yoga Injuries are a Good Thing:
1.) You get to become a beginner and fall in love with yoga all over again
2.) You will become stronger in areas of your body you never thought about before
3.) You can give more focus to your meditation and spiritual practice
4.) You will become a more conscious yoga student and wiser yoga teacher


  1. Well hey, on the bright side, a sore bum means you're on the road to get a bigger bum... which I suppose might be a good or bad thing depending on your goals ;)

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