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Monday, September 2, 2013

Here Comes the.....Stress?

My wedding is a mere two months away, and I'd be lying if I said its been a breeze.  Bringing together family, friends, planners, vendors and hoping that everyone plays nicely can create a lot of anxiety.  It is so easy to lose sight of what this day is all about...Love.  Planning my wedding has felt like the best of times and the worst of times.  I remember years ago when a friend and colleague whom I admire got engaged, and I asked her how everything was going, she responded by saying, "Thank god I'm a yogi; otherwise it would be very easy to get swept up in all the nonsense."  Well, I'm a yogi too, and I've shed many a tear in the bathtub overwhelmed with prenuptial hoopla.  Maybe that's because in addition to being a yogi,  I'm a perfectionist and a people pleaser.  Fuck.  And a potty mouth.  I recently blogged about my hamstring injury or "Yoga Butt" which I'm happy to say, improves daily.  One of my favorite teachers said to me the other day that the Universe was slowing me down before my wedding.  When I asked why the Universe would do that (yoga teachers love to talk about the Universe), she said "because this is such a special time, you don't want to miss a thing."  I tell my students often that we create our reality by how we choose to see the world around us, and when it comes to my wedding, I haven't been taking my own advice.  When all you see are the disagreements and mounting to-do lists, it's easy to miss the love, support, and enthusiasm that has always been there.

 Restorative Childs Pose: my yogic prescription for anxiety. The pressure of the bolster on the belly  is calming to the mind.  You can stay in this pose for five up to twenty minutes.  Turn your head to look in the other direction half way through.

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