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Friday, September 27, 2013

Raw Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream!!

This healthy treat will satisfy any sweet craving you have.  I only made one serving, and my fiance made me feed him about half of it.  And it only has 3 ingrediants! Who doesn't love that?

One frozen banana
1 Tbs. Cocoa Powder
1/4 cup Coconut Milk (I prefer the kind in a can like this one. it is creamier and whips up nicely.)

All you have to do is cut up the banana a little so that it is easier to blend and whip it up in a food processor/blender with the cocoa and coconut milk until it makes a creamy consistency.

I topped mine with cacao nibs and pomegranate seeds, but you can adorn yours however you like.  Just don't sprinkle yours with oreos and gummy bears because then you might as well just go buy moose tracks.

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