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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blood Orange

I wanted a low key evening for my bachelorette party. No sashes, no strippers, just a 
special night out with my friends. So, with three of my closest gals, we ate scallops at the Nomad Hotel, took a car the Boom Boom Room for drinks, and by some stroke of the miraculous, ended up at a surprise Blood Orange concert. That was my first time hearing his music, and he mesmerized me. I'm slightly obsessed. I like to cruise the city listening to his album and remembering this amazing night and fantasizing about being his backup singer.   It was the perfect night to say sayonara to singledom.

see for yourself....

Be informed, I am not someone who knows about secret concerts with super cool artists; that would be my friend Maria.   I know things like: organic cashews are half off at Fairway.  She keeps me informed of the best places to shop, who's dating in hollywood, and of the likely event that my T-zone is oily.  Thanks girl :)

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