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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oscar Night at The Pinter's

Award shows are a big deal at our house.  Dylan and I make it a point to see every nominated movie, and we have strong opinions about who should win; our friends also have strong opinions, so naturally we invite them over, fill out ballots, and we all talk over each other and yell passionately at the TV to the point that we completely miss John Travolta's amazing flub of Idina Menzel's name.

Our fiesta wasn't lacking estrogen this year, Dylan only had one brave comrade by his side.  Brave because my friends and I live for the red carpet, and we've been known to get really loud, cackle obnoxiously, and argue over things like whether you like your Jason Sudekis thin or on the meaty side.  The obvious choice is of course the latter.

This is Lolly.  Her best dressed is always the ever cool and chic Naomi Watts.  She hated Gravity and thinks Leo got snubbed...again.  Lolly has opinions for days...

What was really nice, was that the boys cooked for us!   Maybe they wanted to treat us ladies or maybe they wanted to distance themselves from the screeching, but the boys retreated to the kitchen, and let us girls do our thing.

Dylan was completely in charge of the evening's grub, and he made a banging Taco Bar.

It was a hit and perfect for a party.  He made chicken, steak, tilapia, corn salsa, pico de gallo, and cilantro crema...What a guy :)

He even made his own corn tortillas...I know.  Dylan loves a project.  When he's gonna cook, he's gonna cook.  The man occasionally makes his own butter.   For awhile he was intrigued with the idea of making homemade yogurt, but when he learned you have to use yogurt to make yogurt, he was turned off by this venture.   Sometimes my husband bemuses me.  I looked at him cross-eyed when he suggested making homemade tortillas for the party, but I had to let Dylan do Dylan...and I'm so glad I did.  His tortillas were divine.

here's the recipe he used

 The girls watching Bette Midler sing The Wind Beneath My Wings...

 And the boys...


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