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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Paris Edition

It's been over a week since my husband and I left Paris,  and I am still enchanted.  We rented an apartment, excuse me, a flat, in Monmartre, and for four days, we proceeded to live like the Parisians do.

This was our breakfast nook,

and this was our view.

We spent our days walking the streets, oohing and awing over the fruit markets,

drooling over the pastries, ... (The strawberry one came home with me )

drinking wine at outdoor cafes while watching the city move by,

ducking under awnings to escape passing spring showers,

 eating smoked salmon tartines,

lots of smoked salmon tartines...

and looking at art we had only ever seen in text books.  I discovered that Renoir is easily my fave.

Every cell in my body felt inspired in Paris...the history, the monuments, the art, the food...even the street performers were extraordinary.

  All around me were people enjoying the moment, leisurely sipping a coffee with a lover, strolling home with a half eaten baguette in one hand and a tote of fresh vegetables in the other.  I couldn't have felt further away from my own metropolis, and yet my heart was right at home.

I studied the Parisians carefully, hoping to grasp and take home some of their joie de vivre.  I noticed oodles of affection and passion.  Gorgeous couples making out against the walls of the metro, bodies lounging closely in the park, fingers interwoven on cafe tables.  There's no lack of contact and connection in Paris; I observed a lot less staring into phones and a lot more gazing into eyes.  And yes, I spotted a lot of fabulous French women who indeed were not fat.

I've read the book, but not until actually spending time in Paris, did I begin to understand why this famous title is true: French women do not eat to fill a void, their lives contain all the fulfillment they need.  The weary, run down faces I've grown accustomed to seeing were replaced by expressions of balance and satisfaction.  French women love food, they enjoy it,  they eat everything...yes, even dessert, but food is just a delicious addition to their already pleasure filled lives.

If I had only one adjective to describe french women, it would be comfortable.  This is reflected in the way they dress, how they appear in their bodies,  and how they relate with others.  It's refreshing, it's inspiring, it makes me want to throw out all my body conscious dresses.

I will proceed to allow Audrey Tautou shopping for groceries do the talking.

Before we left Paris, I told Dylan that I must return every year,  if not only to remind myself to slow down and enjoy my work less and kiss my husband more, to savor my meals and my friendships, to leave my phone at home.

Thank you Paris.  You are beautiful.  Au Revoir.


  1. I love this post! And was that actually Audrey Tautou?

  2. Your blog is amazing, I discovered it yesterday and read each post:) Great recipes, a lot of inspiring thoughts and your style of writing is very enjoyable:) Thank you:)

  3. Thank you so much! You've made my day :)

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