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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yoga Jellies

While my teaching schedule may have prohibited me from taking classes at the Yoga Journal Conference a few weekends ago, it didn't stop me from showing up for a little retail therapy.  All we really need to practice yoga is our body, breath, and a little disciple, but who can resist all the pretty accessories?: a nice Hugger Mugger mat, some tie-dye Hard Tail leggings, a Spiritual Gangster tank, the list goes on and on.  At the conference every year, there is a market of vendors from all over the country selling the latest in yoga apparel, props, music, books, plant-based protein powders, you name it.  I was really in the mood to spend some of my hard earned loot, but everything was feeling a bit been there seen that.  That is until I saw these babies!

These silicon discs are called Yoga Jellies, and I'm obsessed.  They provide a cushioning support for your knees, wrists, feet, hips, elbows and any other sensitive areas.

About a year ago, I was working with a client with sensitive knees and as I slid a blanket under his knees for what felt like the twentieth time that day, I thought, there's got to be a better way.  I have very tender knees myself, and  I've always found it to be a bit of a buzz kill and not the most comfortable solution to pull a blanket onto my mat every time I had to lower a knee to the floor.   When I came upon the stall for Yoga Jellies,  I had a bit of a yoga freak out.  Spotting a product that I had pondered the need for made me giddy and admittedly, a little jealous.  I jumped at the opportunity to meet the inventor.  Her name is Anita, and she's lovely.  She teaches yoga in Lancaster, PA.  I also had the pleasure of meeting her husband, Mark, who's precarious patellas inspired this ingenious product.  I shook Anita's hand and told her that I was gonna plug the shit out of Yoga Jellies....because I was excited and also because this is the way I talk.

I've already seamlessly incorporated Yoga Jellies into my practice, and my knees have finally met their other half.  The discs have indentions that fit the shape of the knee perfectly, and they don't slip around the mat.  Before I begin my practice, I place them where my knees will land, and they can stay there for most of my practice.

If you have sensitive hands and wrists, the jellies are wonderful to ease the pressure in down dog, up dog, wheel, etc.

The only draw backs are that dust and pet hairs stick to the silicon very easily, and they are pretty pricey ($65).  But I think they are well worth it, and you can easily clean them with a wet paper towel.

I hope you enjoy your jellies as much I'm enjoying mine.


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