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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Amalfi Edition

After Dylan and I turned in the keys to our charming Parisian flat, it was not vacation over for us.  We made our way to Positano to see how the Amalfi half lives.

As it turns out, they live very, very well.  The sun, the salt water, the seafood, the wine...for five days we lived la dolce vita.  My mom had raved to me about Positano since I was little; she filed it away with Wrightsville Beach and her painting studio as her favorite places in the world.  My dad told me that years ago he and my mom rented a motorbike and drove all around the infamously dangerous coast line.  He proceeded to grin and ask in his famous Southern accent,  "Aren't you glad we didn't die?"  Dylan and I opted for a Fiat, less sexy but more living-friendly than the Ducati motorbike.  My husband handled the curves like a pro, and I didn't throw up once.   It was going to be a great holiday.

Dylan and I are skilled in our beach bummery.  Although Paris was a dream, vacation just isn't complete without the sea and sand, or in the Amalfi's case, the sea and pebbles.  You get used to it.  In fact, I kinda liked it.

 The pebbles grow warm in the sun and are heaven to do yoga on.

The water in mid May was pretty freezing, but that didn't stop us from running in full speed...because that is the only way to get into water this cold.  After swimming in circles for five minutes, the pins and needles subsided, and I was fully able to do my mermaid thing.

I love that the major questions of vacation are What book am I reading? and What are we drinking?  In Positano, I read Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes and I drank Aperol Spritzes every day.   I highly recommend both, and I even more highly recommend you enjoy them together.

The Aperol Spritz is a popular Italian cocktail; it's kinda sweet, a little bitter, slightly bubbly, and super refreshing.  It's perfect for summer, and you're in luck, Dylan can tell you how to make one!

Ingredients for one cocktail:
2 1/2 oz. Aperol
4 1/2 oz. Prosecco
approx. 1 oz. club soda
orange slice for garnish.

Pour Aperol over a full glass of ice.  Top with Prosecco, leaving about an inch of room.  Finish with club soda.  Stir and garnish with an orange good!

Positano, you took my breath away...without your views, pizza just doesn't taste this same.


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