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Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh Fall...

You are my favorite season.  Maybe it's because I was a Fall baby, maybe because I love apple cider, maybe because the kids in school uniforms make me feel like I too get a fresh start this year.  Whatever the reason, Fall just does something to me...something nice.  My friend Lizzie, who lives in Tennessee, and I are both early risers; we often talk on the phone in the mornings while are husbands are still in bed.  One recent morning was so perfectly crisp in both of our locales that we couldn't hold back expressing our complete adoration for this beautiful season.  She said that Fall makes her nostalgic, taking her right to her mother's kitchen with chili cooking on the stove.  I said that I loved Fall for the fashion.  My eyes tire of sun dresses and sandals, and the first sight of a man in a sweater vest and nice leather shoes warms my heart.

Even if you're like me and Lizzie and you are in love with Fall, you may still suffer the inconveniences that come with transitioning from one season into another.  Fall is the season of Vata or air and the predominance of dry wind and ether can lead to head colds, allergies, dry skin, digestive issues, spaciness, and fatigue.   Thank goodness Yoga and Ayurveda are here to help us avoid such ailments by reminding us how to dance to the rhythm of Fall.

  • Eat warm, cooked foods, especially those prepared with warming spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and all spice; avoid cold, raw foods and iced drinks.   
  • Let yourself rest.  Avoid running around too much or over scheduling.  Seek out time to be quiet.
  • Stay warm especially in the areas of your chest, neck, and head.  Bring a sweater or scarf with you even if you don't think you need it.
  • Walk in nature.  Immerse yourself in the glory of your surroundings and marvel at the changes.
  • Apply lotions and oils to your skin generously to avoid dryness.  
  • In your yoga practice, focus on your feet.  Spread your toes and allow your connection to the mat and the earth to be firm and relaxed.  With this awareness of your feet, you will begin to feel stable and grounded enough to take on such an air filled, spacey season.  
  • Flow slowly through many rounds of sun salutations and create a nice warmth within your body.   
Happy Fall Y'all 


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