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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Almost There...Holy Crap

Student:   Are you listening to Mozart with the baby?
Me:   Um...We're listening to a lot of Beyonce.

It's such a sweet feeling knowing my baby is living my life with me.  We teach yoga classes together and eat at least one mango everyday, we listen to Beyonce when we walk down the street, we laugh at The Mindy Project, and we unwind from a long day with a warm bath and an orange popsicle.  He's my precious little partner, and I couldn't love him more.

Looking back over the last nine months, I recall such drastically different experiences from one trimester to the next.  The first was like some kind of survival I gonna make it through the day without puking on the 2 train?  The second trimester was a honeymoon...I connected with my baby, felt beautiful, and had more productive energy than I've had in my whole life.  And so far, this last stage of pregnancy has been uncomfortable but thrilling; the exciting reality that my baby will be here soon is setting in, and I cannot wait.

Here's My I Couldn't Have Lived Without You These Past Nine Months List:

The Snoogle for catching zzzz's

For my indigestion and heart burn

My Pea in the Pod pelvic support belt to lift my heavy belly and heal my aching pubic bone pain 

My microwavable lavender pillow from Orgins.  

To massage my back, hips, buttocks, you name it.

To prevent stretch marks on my fast growing belly

To fetch me bananas in the middle of the night and be the best hubby a pregnant girl could ask for.