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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My First Mothers Day

It's so cool that moms and dads get a special day on the calendar, and being a part of the mom club this year made me feel pretty special, I gotta say.

The day began at 4am.  Henry has been consistently sleeping through the night for over a month now (don't hate me), but on mother's day, he decided to wake up at 4am and sleep the duration of the morning with mommy and daddy because he just couldn't wait to wish me happy mother's day!...that and he was hungry.

Dylan made me pancakes...The Best Pancakes In the World!!!!  They had rolled oats (good for breast feeding mamas), bananas, and raisins in them.  They were outrageous.  We had lots of leftovers;  I had two of them with cheesy scrambled eggs for dinner last night.  Seriously, what is more soul satisfying than breakfast for dinner???  Here's the recipe if you're interested.  Dylan substituted organic buttermilk for the yogurt and milk.

Then I went to the studio and taught my sunday classes, and my beautiful, bright eyed students were quick to wish me a happy first mother's day.

My boys (I love saying that) met me after my classes with smoothies (kale/blueberry and banana with almond butter and turmeric), and we headed to the park.  It was perfect weather, and Dylan and I talked and talked... about Henry...what else?!

Dylan was pretty great at not letting me lift a finger all day, and as queen bee, I got to call all the shots.  With this power, I demanded that we watch Fifty Shades of Grey.   I read the entire trilogy (because I appreciate fine literature), and I still hadn't seen the movie!  Dylan promised not to criticize, and we cozied up on the sofa with our three month old baby to watch a movie about sadomasochism... because we are stellar parents.  Sadly the movie was boring, which is mucho disappointing.

So, there you have it!  My first mother's day was perfect...pancakes, yoga, sunshine, and unrated soft pornography.

Happy belated mother's day to all you mamas out there.  You are superwomen, you are a rock stars, you are love!

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