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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Henry's First Vacation

Last summer when I was pregnant, my mom and I reserved a beach house for the following May.  We chose May because Dylan wouldn't be crazy busy with work yet (his company's crunch time is summer), and we chose a beautiful house with an elevator so that Ruby wouldn't have to fuss with the stairs.  As you know, Ruby passed away a few weeks after our trip last year, and while she wasn't there in form this year, I'm certain her spirit was.  And I took a few rides on the elevator just for her ;)  How was it that my fly by the seat of your pants family managed to plan a vacation an entire year in advance?  A grandchild, that's how!

I grew up visiting Wrightsville Beach on the Carolina coast every summer.  My mom devoted several years to finding what she calls the perfect water, and she found it here.  Its clear and clean, not cold or brackish.  If you travel just north or south of this area, the water just isn't as nice.  And now she will kill me for telling you all about her special place.  Needless to say, we were all pretty excited to introduce Henry to our beach, and I think he enjoyed himself.

We began most days with a baby bjorn beach walk.  Henry always fell asleep.

When Henry wouldn't sleep so easily, Aunt Lizzie always had the magic touch.  Wanna move to New York?

The perfect beach set up is crucial.  Thank you Dylan for lugging a Pack and Play, swing, and umbrella through the hot sand while I mulled over which spot I liked best. 

When we weren't on the beach, the guys liked to retire to the hammock for deep conversation.

And you could find my dad and I doing our yoga practice on the porch.

Mostly you could find my parents doing this....

With so many qualified baby sitters on hand, Dylan and I were really able to kick back for the first time since the big change...that sounds like menopause, but I'm referring to Henry.  On vacation, I become quite a fan of the 12pm (maybe 11:30 am) cocktail...there's nothing like a good buzz followed by a dip in the ocean.  Is that dangerous?  This year my husband, bartender extraordinaire, whipped up pitchers of Goombay Smash, our favorite drink from our honeymoon in the Bahamas.  It's delicious and really lives up to it's name.  Here's the recipe!

It's never emotionally easy to leave vacation; with the addition of a baby, you have a logistical challenge on top of the sadness, so when we arrived at the airport after an afternoon of pumping, packing, and heavy-hearted goodbyes only to find that our flight was cancelled and nothing else was leaving that night, we were a bit, how should I say it?...pissed.  We got over it rather quickly when we realized we had scored an extra night at the beach!  We took Henry for an evening swim in the ocean, slept soundly, and flew home in the morning.

Where should we take this boy next?!

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