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Monday, July 20, 2015


When Henry was born, I remember my mom telling me that babies really simplify life.  Months later,  I was shaking my head at the preposterousness of this statement when the task of going back to work and finding a nanny made my brain hurt.  Packing for our first trip required check lists and research.   Motherhood was so many things, but simple it was not.

Today, however, for the first time, I understood.  Henry and I love Fridays.  I don't teach at all, and we belong to each other all day.  We go to music class in the morning and the park in the afternoon.  That afternoon, we were laying on a blanket in the grass; there was a perfect breeze and happy people all around us.

We were watching the leafy branches move with the wind, and I asked him, "Do you know how lucky we are to be doing this right now?"  That's when I got it.  What would I be doing right now if I didn't have Henry?   I wouldn't be noticing the beautiful sound that the leaves make when they rustle in the wind or delighting in the way the breeze feels on my skin.  I'd probably be running around town with head phones on, not taking a moment to even look up.  The question of how Henry and I will spend our days is uncomplicated; they will include some naps, some smiles, a swing set, some tears, a possible melt down, maybe a milestone.  We do roughly the same things everyday, but life is never monotonous.  It's perfect; it's simple.

Slow down and look up.  

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